Father to the Fatherless

For the past few months, I (Jeff) have been busy prepping for an exciting project – my first team lead – called Father to the Fatherless.  Our blogging has not been consistent enough and so I feel like there is too much to share as God has been doing some amazing things through this already.


The Ministry – Father 2 the Fatherless (F2F) is a ministry started by a Ugandan man named Mathias along with his American wife Jolene.  Mathias grew up as a street child and was rescued out of it by missionaries.  Now, they wants to bring hope to children the same way that Mathias did and envision a place of children’s homes, a primary school, a ministry center.  Learn more about the ministry here: www.father2thefatherless.org

Land shot

The Project – F2F has a little over 80 acres of land near Mityana Uganda that I was able to visit this spring.  The above picture shows a good view of the land – scattered trees, a lot of grass, and some pretty good sloping hillsides. F2F needs professionals to show them how to use their land well so that they can see their vision come to reality.  You can see details on the ministry and the project on EMI’s recruiting web page here.

The Team – for the past few months, that recruiting page has spurred a number of e-mails and dialogues with people from all over.  While the team is still coming under formation, it looks like we will gave a group of 9 including 4 volunteers from the US, 2 interns, a long term volunteer engineer, and my co-leader, a staff architect.  If you see this and are (or know of) and electrical engineer, Master Planner, or Landscape Architect, please drop me a line!  We have a really exciting group of people and it has been energizing to see the way that the Lord is stirring the hearts of the various people of the team.


The Well – The land of F2F has a hand dug well (shown above) on it which is the current source of water for the village around it.  People come from a kilometer or more to get water from this pit using 5 gallon jugs which they haul back to their homes for laundry, bathing, and drinking.  F2F knew that a well was a critical need both for their ministry as well as the community. F2F has been raising the $9000 that they need to drill the well.  We were excited to learn that they were able to raise the full funds for this project!  One of our partner churches Cornerstone E-Free in Saint Louis contributed significantly as part of their Vacation Bible School as they learned about “Living Water”.  We were thrilled to be a part of seeing this 3 way partnership come together.  Now they will be putting in the well before our team arrives so that we will have the data to do our master planning.  Pray for the Lord’s guidance in the well placement so that they can get the water that they need so that F2F can provide Living Water to the community!

More details will be forthcoming, but it is an incredible blessing to be a part of seeing this ministry’s vision come to reality.


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  1. Wally Pacholka

    Thanks Jeff This is great Wally

    iPhone sent Wally Pacholka / AstroPics.com / TWAN

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