Well Drilling this Week!

Hey Folks,

This will be a quick one but we shared last month in pretty good detail about Jeff’s project trip coming up (now in just over 2 weeks!) to serve Father to the Fatherless (F2F).  If you didn’t see the previous blog post check this out.

As we shared before, F2F needs to put in a well in order to serve the needs of their ministry as well as to provide a better water source to the community at large.  By putting in the well before our team arrives, this will allow us to know the capacity of the site.  For example, if they want to build homes for 300 orphans but there is only enough water for 100 people, then we have a big problem!  So before we put in the effort to make a Master Plan for them, we are grateful that we will have this information so that we can plan appropriately.

Living Water is a partner ministry of EMI’s and is going to be putting in the well this week.  I spoke with them Monday and they are on the site and are drilling the well as we speak.  There is a lot to it – finding (with guesswork and prayer) where you hope is the best place to put the well, digging the hole (perhaps more than once), casing the hole with PVC piping so that it’s stable, and then testing the hole to determine how much water output there will be.  This process can take several days.

Please pray that the well will go in smoothly, that they can put in a safe and effective well that will be a blessing to the ministry and the community that desperately needs a clean water source.  I will send an update once they have finished.


3 responses to “Well Drilling this Week!

  1. Thanks for update Jeff. Appreciate all you guys are doing. Wally

    iPhone sent Wally Pacholka / AstroPics.com / TWAN

  2. Praying the well goes in smoothly! Thanks for the update!

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