F2tF – Ready to Go (and Well Update)

This afternoon, 4 men from the US are hopping on planes to come to Uganda.  I will be meeting them along with 2 interns and 2 staff and on Sunday we head out to the village of Namuganga to develop a master plan for Father to the Fatherless (F2tF).  You can learn more about the project here.  The ministry is trusting God for big things and it is a tremendous blessing to be able to use our skills in such a direct way to see God move.

A couple of weeks ago, we shared a special update about the F2tF regarding efforts to put in a well.  You can read more of the backstory on the well here.  The short version is that F2tF REALLY needs a well – and a good one – because the hand dug put that the community currently uses is dirty and inadequate for them least of all the several hundred orphans and widows that are envisioned as part of the ministry.

The drillers, from a partner ministry called Living Water, warned that the site is in an area known for being difficult to tap.  They agreed to make 3 attempts to finding a water source.  The first attempt was a low yield well with limited capacity.  The second wasn’t even worth casing.  For the third attempt, they went to the bottom of the site and as they were working, the drill rig broke meaning it took several days.  When they finally did get moving, they tapped into a strong source of water – with a preliminary estimate of 1000 gallons per hour capacity!

This is tremendous news! Our civil engineer tells me that this should be sufficient to provide water for everything that F2tF is envisioning along with the needs of the community.  So as we prepare to go out, it is wonderful to know that we can dream big with the ministry for all that they wish to see on this piece of land.

We will try to give an update during the week, but as we are going – we would appreciate your prayers:

1) For the volunteers and staff as we travel.  Pray that the Lord would use this time to prepare hearts and minds for the task ahead.

2) Pray that the Lord would provide for all of our needs – for consistent power, for sustenance as we labor diligently, for all the logistics as we travel from our hotel/workspace to the site (about 40 min. apart).

3) Pray for team unity – that we could build each other up and that we would work well together as we throw together a team of 5 architects and 4 engineers all of whom come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Pray that the Lord would speak in a special way into the hearts of each of the volunteers, interns, and staff.

4) Pray that we would serve F2tF well.  That we would help them refine their vision and that we can develop site plans and building layouts that F2tF can use well as a basis for fundraising and construction.

5) Pray that the Lord would open up opportunities for us to share the Love of Christ with the people around us.  On airplanes, at the hotel, and in an outreach into a Kampala slum at the end of our trip.


3 responses to “F2tF – Ready to Go (and Well Update)

  1. Thanksgiving for the success of the 3rd drill, and prayers as you go forward in your mission!

  2. We’ll certainly pray for all of these things and the fam back home while Dad/Hubby is away. Much love to you all!

  3. We prayed for this tonight!

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