F2tF – Update (Monday)

Yesterday our team arrived in the village of Namuganga to walk the perimeter of the land for Father 2 the Fatherless.  The site is gorgeous and it was wonderful to begin to dream as we were swarmed by village kids that wanted to see what we were doing.  Here is our team before the walk getting hearing about the vision of F2tF.


As we were walking, we got towards the lower end of the site and there was a big crowd of people.  I wasn’t connecting what it was but at the bottom was a moving sight:


Here stands Jja-jja – “granny” along with a whole host of kiddos that have come to draw water for their families.  There was a HUGE line of people that had come to fill jerry-cans full of water to bring to their families.  Water quality test results aren’t back yet but it’s no doubt cleaner than the brown water that is drawn from their old hand-dug pit.  It was so moving and I was just thankful that my job lets me be a part of doing something like this.  Praise God!  Thankful too to our partner church Cornerstone E-Free that was part of raising funds for this well.P1050797

P.S. – please continue to pray for David – his flight has been delayed or rerouted 3 times and he is supposed to arrive today. Pray the Lord will get him here safely and help us all to acclimate him well.


2 responses to “F2tF – Update (Monday)

  1. That is fantastic! Praise God.

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