Father to the Fatherless – Published!

As we shared in some earlier posts, Jeff led his first team project trip in September to serve a ministry called Father to the Fatherless. See here and here to get a sense before the trip, and here to see the trip wrap up.  As you saw, a great deal was accomplished during the trip itself, but that was only the beginning of a long involved effort to complete the design work, drawings, and publish our Master Plan for the ministry.  In mid-December, just before our fall interns returned home, we thank God by His grace that we were able to complete the project and pass it along to the ministry in time for Christmas!

Site Perspective

Above is a 3d rendering that our architecture intern Christine produced showing how all of the buildings will fit onto the land and below is an artistic rendering that one of our volunteers David made for the children’s homes, which are the first priority in F2tF’s planning.  This team did some incredible work and it was such a privilege to be a part of it.  We trust that images like these will go a long way in helping F2tF raise the funds that they need in order to build these buildings and see their ministry lived out.

Chlidren's cluster rendering

In addition to the pretty pictures, we gave the ministry drawings that will aid them in planning – building types and locations to fit the site, floor plans for the bulk of their buildings, and technical information like how to get water from the well distributed to those buildings.  Take a look:


Finally, and not so picture worthy, we gave them an 80 page report with information on everything from the soil profile, to recommendations for waste disposal, to how they should plan to power the site.

This team worked incredibly hard, putting in over 1750 man-hours on this project.  This is amazing even more notably in my absence as I had to make an unexpected return to the US.  My co-leader Sarah and the interns and volunteers picked up the pace even more to get this project done and it is beautiful to see.

I was so encouraged to receive an e-mail from F2tF in the last couple of weeks saying that they have been showing these documents around and they have already raised $8,000 towards their first children’s homes and the associated infrastructure.  Praise the Lord for this!  I am grateful to know the leaders of Father to the Fatherless and trust that they will continue to hold closely to the Lord as they seek His best plans for their ministry.  I am grateful to have had a role in serving them.


One response to “Father to the Fatherless – Published!

  1. Awesome job and praise God!

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