Amazima Ministries Design Trip

As I write this update, 8 volunteers are in transit to Uganda from all over the world where we will meet tomorrow morning (with 5 longer termers from Uganda) to bring together our full team of 13 to design a secondary school for Amazima Ministries in Jinja, Uganda.  Amazima is a newer ministry, but has grown dramatically in its 5 year history.  Founded by Katie Davis, a woman in her mid-20’s who moved to Uganda 5 years ago to follow the Lord’s calling on her life, Amazima sponsors over 600 children in the Jinja area assisting with school fees, meals, and living costs to impoverished families, and providing training and empowerment for their families as they remain within their homes.  Katie’s blog has become a viral sensation and she wrote a book which has touched countless lives called Kisses from Katie.

Kisses from Katie

Amazima’s home base is in Jinja, Uganda at the source of the Nile River as it empties from Lake Victoria. Jinja has some good quality primary schools, but Amazima has not found satisfactory options for secondary education for their sponsored children.  Amazima has purchased a 40 acre plot of land that they want to develop into a complete secondary school campus with full boarding for the children. Check out the site that we’re working with…


Unlike many ministries that we work with Amazima has full funds already acquired for the construction of the school.  So our work is not to produce conceptual concepts, but to fully create construction documents for this project that will Lord willing begin construction in the fall of 2014.  We have a LOT to do!  You can read more about the detail of the project on EMI’s recruiting link here.  Fortunately we have a really strong team – our team of 13 comes from 7 different countries, we have 3 former interns returning and some wonderful technical talent all around.  It is truly a privilege to lead this team!


We would appreciate your prayer for our team as we labor from February 1-10 to help Amazima see their ministry and outreach to the Jinja community grow.


3 responses to “Amazima Ministries Design Trip

  1. That sounds really exciting to be working on a project that will be fully realized so quickly! We’ll be praying.

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