I first heard about eMi in college.  Engineering Ministries International is a ministry that probably evokes a variety of responses when you first hear about it.  For many, there might be a deer in headlights look – How do you minister as an engineer?  For others, like me, this was something I had dreamed about before I even knew it existed.  That eMi existed was an answer to prayer.

eMi is a non-profit, non-denominational Christian organization of architects, engineers, surveyors, & construction managers who donate their skills to serve the spiritually & materially poor in developing countries around the world.  eMi partners with existing ministries to design schools, orphanages, hospitals, & more in order to help them fulfill the mission God has called them to.  Founded in 1981, eMi has designed over 900 projects in 88 countries.  For more information about eMi, please see www.emiworld.org.   Their office in Uganda is specifically focused on serving the nations of East Africa, a region that has deeply burdened our hearts.


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