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F2tF – Trip Wrap Up

Thank you all so much for your prayers for our team as we worked for Father 2 the Fatherless (F2tF).  We had a great trip and it was such a privilege to have this wonderful group of people for my first project trip lead:IMG_7430

As I’ve shared before, the building site is gorgeous.  The 75m drop provides wonderful views (even if it provides lots of other design challenges):


One of our architects (a repeat volunteer) wrote his wife and said, “this trip is very similar other EMI trips I’ve been on…everyone is huddled around a table with their laptops working long hours with insufficient fluorescent light.”  There is something accurate in that description <grin>:


When we weren’t cranking out drawings and putting together test data, we were asked to represent F2tF for a “friendly football game” with some of the villagers.  Little did we understand that we were playing against the village team with about 200 onlookers.  Because I was the project leader, I was the de facto captain of our team (yikes!) which was soundly beaten in spite of their attempts to take it easy on us.???????????????????????????????

With less than a week at the site, the team worked diligently to put together a Master Plan for the 83 acre piece of land that F2tF owns, put together preliminary floor plans for 14 different buildings, tested water quality, soil strength and more.  Whew!  You can see the proposed Master Plan here which includes homes for orphans, a community medical clinic, a church, a primary school, vocational training and more:9146 Master Site Plan 02eAs I shared in my post from the site, the new well from Living Water is operating and already a huge blessing to the community.  Our civil engineering team tested the water to compare the old and new well and it doesn’t take an engineering degree to read these petri tests and decide which well is better for the community (hint, more dots are bad).  I’m so grateful to have had a role in seeing this come to fruition.


Our week concluded back in Kampala, where we were able to visit a slum area where F2tF founder, Mathias, spent several years as a street child.  Our team visited a local church – a 10′ x 20′ rick shack enclosure with about 50 people when you include our team.  It was a blessing to see these people so excited for what the Lord is doing and to have a chance to worship with them (I was asked to play).IMG_7638

It was a fantastic trip and your prayer covering is so appreciated.  Now with all of our volunteers home or in the air, our Ugandan team (consisting of myself, 2 interns, and a Civil Engineering volunteer) will be taking our preliminary sketches and putting them into CAD drawings while refining the master plan, civil design, and fundraising renderings.  There is still much to do so your ongoing prayers are greatly appreciated!